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Well, let’s all be honest. Living here in Canada as an immigration candidate, I have struggled to get enough points for EE, build my career, get more points for EE and etc. But what pisses me off is seeing people trying to cheat. It varies from small stuff to big stuff.
DON’T DO THAT!!! You will only harm yourself and delay everyone else’s application.


Misrepresentation, cheating, and things I have seen or heard:
People offering a change in job position, title and description, a higher (fake) salary, to fit a province stream: Your boss is a nice guys and want to help you immigrate. To fit a job offer stream, he changes your title and salary ON paper, and pay you above the average for that province (but ask you to return the difference), so that all is good to go. DON’T DO THAT! That is a misrepresentation. Plus, you will harm yourself too much, pay taxes as if you were earning $20/h when you make $15. And you risk losing everything. Find a new job instead, there are plenty. In one year, you become eligible, plus, you will be really employed in a betrbe job, and probably with a better, honest, employer.
-People lying on EE profiles to get an ITA: I have seen people saying that they worked for 2 years in a very nice position just to later admit they were studying their masters and did some lab work with a stipend, or volunteered in some companies, not being paid FT job, or got a scholarship funded by a company or government agency and said he worked for the people paying the stipend without being actually employed by that agency. DON’T DO THAT. This is the reason why a job experience in Canada is worth so much, and work experience in other countries is not worth many points. Because of that, skilled immigrants that did not have the opportunity to work in Canada are at disadvantage, and you are basically making the system slower for all other applicants, because it may take a while to figure if someone really worked for the last 10 years in aa compan that is not visible, which leads to an ADR, someone having to look at it, and delays.
-People lying to the province about the job offer: I saw a few cases on this forum because people sometimes ask weird questions that give away that they are doing something wrong. In one case, a person clearly lying about being a manager in a place where he/she was hired by probably a friend or family. This place hired mainly immigrants from the owner’s country. The job was probably horrible, so they couldn’t manage to hold Canadians employed there for too long so to have a 3:1 Canadian-to-Immigrant ratio and obey provinces. Don’t do that kind of deal with these small business owners. They may try to help you, but will end up in jail. Look for a NOC B job instead, or get a job in the trades and get the certificate you need to get more 50 points on EE, improve your IELTS score, etc. You won’t regret.
-Fake marriage: Ugh.
-Marriage for interest (innocent in 40s rich guy vs young 20s hottie): Ugh!
-A fake made-real marriage of current real couples in-love: one of the couple goes to Canada to study or something else, and later wants to bring the partner he or she misses. They legally marry. This is not forbidden, But if you marry, you better love. Plus, it may lead to a longer application.
False/inexperienced consultants: I don’t know if some of you noticed, but I have seen members with a lot of posts here, asking some weird questions. In one case, the person said his/her timeline or stream was X and asked for help. Later, this same person posted a completely timeline and province stream, Y. Then it changed again to Z. Normal people can’t leave in AB, PEI and NS at the same time or will hardly be eligible to nominations in all of them, although provinces may fight for this candidate. But the person was describing different periods and different cases. So basically this person is not an immigrant, but a consultant taking money from people, then coming here asking for advice when he/she don’t know what to do. If you need consultation, hire a reliable service (they have to be registered), otherwise, if you hire someone who consults in the forum – something you could do by yourself – you will end up paying for the immigration consultant’s mistakes, because if something goes wrong and 2 years later you lose your chance to immigrate, all they will say to you is “sorry!” and will not return your money. Now you are older and short of 5k + processing fees, while you could have invested in education and information yourself. Don’t hire these people: They will be the cause of your longer processing time and make mistakes that delay everybody else’s application.

Basically, the general causes of long processing times are:
– applications that are not straightforward
– mistakes
– The system is jammed/backlog
– Misrepresentation

Delays will feed more delay to the system and slow the flow, pushing the average up.

For cases where the person is not thorough with the documentation, or not honest with CIC (and probably not honest in this forum), or if someone is not completely satisfying CIC when additional documents are requested, this makes matters worse. That will obviously be delaying the application and increasing the average processing time for everyone else.

Misrepresentation will never pass.

Tax declarations, T4, amount and proof of unencumbered funds, education, age, previous jobs, travels, visited addresses, how your visited addresses matched the information you gave to the official at a border of countries like US, differences in age of married couples, political views, religion, race, education and age profile, physical appearance, body modifications, social media, and even your phone location will be used by them to judge your application, and believe me, this will not be in the GCMS notes. That is why it takes 6 months! They do not simply check if the police certificate is real and issued by an authority! That would take a few minutes! They do not simply check if the company you said you worked with exist, or if your employment letter is real, or if your degree is not fake. Those things are easy to check and anyone can do it just with Google. What they will do is, they will really know if your worked there and from when to when.
They know everything and they will not be guilty and stupid by giving away their intelligence methods or putting racist notes on the GCMS, they will use technical terms such as “was not able to fully satisfy/prove/convince the officer and more documents were requested” and that is it! If you think you can slide any lie through the system, save yourself some time and money and don’t apply!

Do as you say, live an honest life. If you said you were going to a Marriot at an specific address in US, you better go there and log in to that hotel wifi and you better upload your travel photos to Facebook! Or if this information does not match what you told the official… oh boy, you are doomed! If you stayed at another hotel, you better have an explanation ready. You have a half brother who was convicted of a crime? And you thought about not mentioning him in your application? You think you don’t need to worry about that because he is not in your friend on Facebook? Well, if he is the son of your father’s previous marriage, all they need to do is check your father’s son’s, his brother and cousins, and see if anyone was ever convicted. That is made by computer and it takes seconds. Be honest and add your half brothers/sisters, adoptions, and anything else that may look negative. If it is not your fault, it is not your fault.

Do not lie, do not cheat, and send a clear and easy to analyze application, otherwise, you will delay yoursy and everyone’s application.


Thank you!

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