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Hi Everyone,

I have a specific work experience scenario and would really appreciate if any of you has knowledge or experience if my scenario would satisfy the 1 year CEC work length requirement. The scenario is as follows:

I got my bachelor degree in Vancouver in 2019, got the PGWP (length: 3 years) and starting working full time from October 1st as a Software Engineer in a corporate in BC. I have been working 40 hours per week since then, initially in their office, but now pretty much everyone in the company is working remotely due to Covid. Where it gets tricky is that I had to to go out of the country for two weeks in March due to a family emergency (had return ticket, bereavment leave from work etc.). But, 1 week in the leave, my return trip ticket got cancelled due to Covid and airports got closed until the beginning of June. I came back to Canada the first chance I had in June. The important thing here is though, I worked full time remotely from outside of Canada from when my 2 weeks leave ended in March, until I came to Canada in June. That means, I will have 1 year of full time work experience in October 2020.

My question:
Does this specific scenario qualify as 1 year work experience for CEC if I have the proof to back my situation up (ticket cancellation, foreign country airport closure etc.

Thank you for your time!

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