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Will the following reason be considered Non-optional and non-discretionary purpose of travel?

Hello everyone. I hope you are in good health. My study permit was approved before 18th March which satisfies the initial step to be exempted from Canada’s travel restrictions. I haven’t entered Canada and am currently doing classes for Fall semester online from my home country. My program is a 2-year program with an option to finish it earlier.

But if I am to continue my studies next semester from home, I am afraid I will finish 50% of my courses outside Canada deeming me ineligible for PWGP. Can I present this reason to the officers at the port for my travel to be considered non-optional?

I am already studying from a country with shitty internet bandwidth and a huge time zone difference with Canada so I am aware of the other reasons I can present, should my university provide me with a support letter. I thought that the previous reason would seem more concrete to an officer.

Let me know your thoughts.


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