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Will my US CPA get me additional points?

Either of it you will have to do an ECA from any of the agencies. Traditionally it’s only WES does evaluations for accounting professional qualifications. Non-of the other agencies are evaluating accounting professional qualifications (Not that I know. At least as per my knowledge).

But WES does not evaluate US CFA for some reason as per my experience. So, I’m expecting the same for US CPA. The difference being, at least I suspect, most of the Australian, and UK accounting qualifications are not pre-qualification based certifications. Meaning, if you are taking UK based accounting qualification you would have to take more than 15 exams, similar to a degree. In contrast, US accounting or finance qualification assesses the pre-qualifications and conduct only 3 or 4 exams to qualify. If you think in this way, your CPA, most probably won’t recognized as a degree in Canada. But your Bachelors would be.

On a side note, my CPA Australia was not evaluated by WES as a full qualification. Also, to fulfill you US CPA eligibility requirements you may have had to taken 120 semester hour bachelors degree and at least post-graduate diploma for another 36 hours. If that is so those could be qualify as two or more certificates one may be 3 or more years bachelor degree.

Because, I have under taken Bachelor degree and Master Degree to be eligible to sit for US CPA exams. Those were evaluated as 4 year bachelor degree and 2 year master degree by ICES. In that case I recommend you to go with ICES rather than WES.

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