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Which NOC for this particular case?

Hi! I’ve got a question regarding which NOC to give one of the jobs I added for points for CEC. I haven’t gotten the ITA yet.

My situation is that I worked for a company for 3 months, starting in Nov 2019 and my work permit (tied to employer, LMIA-exempt) with them was approved with the 5241 NOC but the job fits the 5223 NOC better.

I put 5241 when I filled out my profile because I figured that’s the information that the IRCC want, since they approved the permit as a 5241, but now I’m realizing that I’ll need a letter from my employer when I get the ITA and they’ll want to describe my duties like the 5223 NOC.

So I’m not sure, should I go with 5223 even though that’s not the permit the IRCC approved in Nov 2019 (WP doesn’t say 5241 but it might be in their records) or should I go with 5241?

Thanks for your help!


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