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Where to start, which one will I qualify for? Please advise.

Hello all :D

It’s my pleasure to e-meet you all here… I need your valuable suggestions and your support and guidance please….

My profile outlook:

  1. Country of origin: India
  2. Country working now: UK
  3. Age: 40
  4. IT Experience: 18 years
  5. NOC Code I qualify for: 2173 – Software Architect
  6. Family: Yes (wife and 2 kids)

I have spent more than 1 week understanding about BC Tech Pilot program and other Programs in Canada (read lot of stuff), but I openly admit, I have FAILED to understand!

Can I kindly ask noble, experienced people like you to help me understand to which programs I will qualify?

Also, how to secure a job living outside Canada. Can you guys kindly share any advises/experiences on this.

I’ll look forward making some good friends here and I am anticipating for these to last longer when we all meet in Canada!

I will be waiting… please advise…..


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