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What are the Procedures for PCC from UAE

Yes to all your questions.


When you send your notarized fingerprints form for authentication and legalization (as mentioned on steps 2 and 3 of above link’s page), I recommend you to include one nice cover letter addressing to DFATD (as seen on step 2), and in cover letter write up – include a request that “after authentication at DFATD, pls forward the fingerprint form to UAE embassy in Ottawa for legalization (mention embassy’s address given on step 3)”

Don’t forget to include bank draft of $75 (this is UAE embassy fees – do double check by calling UAE embassy/DFATD office in Ottawa) and also insert pre-paid return envelope. In cover letter, also mention full list of all documents you are sending to DFATD. Put all your contact details like current mailing address. email address, mobile no. etc. Also mention the reason why you want to do all this -eg. “to get Police clearance certificate for PR application under process in Canada”

Once you get your fingerprints form back with UAE embassy’s stamp on it, send it to your relative in UAE, with cover letter addressing to the corresponding Emirate’s (i.e. Abu dhabi, dubai’s) police department address given on the table (in the same link’s page). On cover letter, also mention full name, birthday, contact details of your relative who will go in person to the UAE police station to get your PCC and write note to allow him/her to proceed on behalf of you in this entire process of getting your UAE PCC for Canadian PR application under process.

You need to include documents mentioned on steps 1.a,b,c,d (I’m still referring to the steps of the same link’s page, while for step 1.d download and fill up the form from (link) it doesn’t matter whichever emirate you lived in UAE, you have to use Dubai’s form for step 1.d – it is valid for all emirates.

Your relative will have to goto police station with all documents sent by you to get PCC on behalf of you, (not all police stations do this process, so your relative will have to find out the correct police station), there will be fees in AED your relative can pay in cash at police station, then they will call/text/email to your relative for pickup of PCC from police station once it is ready by them. Then you can ask your relative to send it to you in Canada.

That’s it.

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