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WES payment issue | Canada Immigration Forum


I created my WES profile and was unable to make payment through credit card and chose the other payment option “western union money transfer” and did not make payment but i received the WES reference number. When I logged in again next day and resumed my application and clicked on to make payment, it took me to credit card details screen for making payment and this time payment was successfully made through credit card.

Now my application shows “we have received your payment” under the Completed section and it shows “waiting for your documents” under the Pending section. When I chick on “view my application”, this shows “selected payment method is western union money transfer and payment due is 233 CAD.”

So, at one in application it shows “payment received” and at other place it is saying something else. payment has been made from my credit card (shows in my credit card bill). When I inquired them about this inconsistency through their email/contact form, i received a reply after 7-8 days saying “as per our records, we have not received your payment.”

how the hell should I resolve this, did anyone else also faced this unfortunate situation ? they do not have a proper email id where I can attach evidence of this payment. Is there a way to attach files in their email contact form ?

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