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WES On Hold Osmania University


I have gone through the same pain since 3 months (still not done yet), but at least resolved the issues at Osmania university and waiting to hear on my final review process from WES . The process is simple, but due negligence of university staff it become worst.

Ideal process:

1. WES will send documents via standard mail and an Email to university (not sure on the email address, but there is a dedicated person who look after all these emails on weekly basis)
2. It may take 20 – 40 days to reach the hard copies (via standard mail) to the registrar /controller of examination, administrative building ,osmania university inward section
2.1 Inward section guys will check the documents and add an entry in the system (this is how a staff member can confirm they have received documents)
2.2 Documents will be send to the appropriate department for verification (Degree and PG departments are different)
2.3 Once documents are verified then they will send standard email (through indian registered post, you can ask for tracking number) to the WES
Pre-requisite: RS. 1000 worth of DD has to be taken (Pay at Registrar Exam Fee fund OU) and submit in the registrar of controller examination office. Unless you submit the DD, documents will not send back to the WES

Major Challenges:

1. Unless we go and check at university, we dont even know that our documents are received by them or not. Normally start checking after a month from the date of WES status become ONHOLD

2. Majority of the cases, our staff will give ready made answer, ” did not received the documents yet and check with WES”.
My Suggestion: Go and check in the inward section (when brother went to the section, he has seen many documents and not sure whether they processed or not), they can help you to find your document. If you found your document, you can go with next steps

3. If university did not received the documents / you did not found in the inward section (registrar of controller examination) then request WES to re-send the VDR (verification document request) again. But this time, i strongly recommend them to push/request to send the VDR through courier (it may cost 95 CAD per one application). In my case, initially they did not agreed but later they sent through courier, so you can try this option.
My Suggestion: Once they send courier, then call the call center (may be more than once) and get the tracking number (generally it is fedex) and track the document.
3.1 Surprisingly, here also i have faced big challenge, as courier guy did not found the address so they are ready to send back to the source address saying ” incorrect address”. I have called fedex international delivery secunderabad (located in tirumalagiri), then ensured for the documents delivery

4. Once documents delivered at university, then i have followed up on ideal process steps (after paying 1000 DD).

Still not done yet, after fighting with such complex system our university gave little exemption for us to reply to WES through email also, but they CAN REPLY TO WES VIA EMAIL ONLY AFTER SENDING THE VERIFICATION DOCUMENTS THROUGH MAIL (REGISTERED POST)

Process to request for email:

Visit the university again after 4 or 5 days from the day of sending documents to WES, then take Rs250 worth of DD and submit at counter with a letter saying ” WES did not received the hard copies yet, so request you to reply to WES email” then they will do in a day.

Hope, My case is traveled via all complex channels in the process, so it may help you guys to expedite your application.

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