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WES Evaluation and Express Entry

When I did the WES equivalency check, I got the following (both of my degrees are from an institute with NAAC grade ‘A’, which WES recognizes)

  • 1. B.Com => ‘Bachelor’s degree (4year)’
  • 2. M.Com => ‘1 year of graduate study’

If I end up getting ‘1 year of graduate study’ for my M.Com, in my real WES evaluation, my question is:
What would I choose, while creating a ‘Education History’ in PR profile for the ‘Level of education’ for my M.Com (from the drop-down options)?
Should I choose the option ‘One-year program at the university, college …’ for the ‘Level of education’ for M.Com?

If yes, then this would hopefully qualify me for points towards ‘Two or more certificates, diplomas, or degrees’.
Or am I supposed to completely ignore my M.Com and be left with Bachelor only, which will reduce my points significantly.

My friend with the same qualifications and from same university got ‘1 year post-graduate diploma’ for his M.Com in the real report.
So is it that the WES Equivalency tool always end up giving you ‘1 year graduate study’ for the post graduate two years after first 3 years of graduation in india? Because it does not connect the two courses correctly. However it seems the real WES report (since it is based on actual transcript) would end up giving you the ‘1 year post-graduate diploma’ instead of ‘1 year graduate study’?

Is there any body out there who has got ‘1 year graduate study’ for his 2 years of masters in India, after first 3 years of graduation?
And if this happens, for ‘1 year graduate study’ how do you deal with it in Express entry profile creation?

I am surprised that what comes out various Education Evaluation Services (like WES, IQAS, etc) in their ECA, does not have a clear established and documented ‘down down’ selection in the profile entry for EE.

The IRCC guidelines link given by user: ‘ishq74’ ( is not valid anymore.

Please help.
Thanks in advance.

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