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WES Digital Copy and Hardcopy

I received my WES evaluation in July and my AOR is August 10. At that time, WES said that they will mail a hardcopy to my address whenever they can, so I used a digital copy that they provided on my account to apply for EE.

The difference between the two, is that the hardcopy contains a little black WES stamp and in the footer, it says “This report is valid only when printed on watermarked paper and sealed with the official WES stamp on each page”.

The digital version doesn’t have that statement but has this statement instead:
“This WES ECA report is intended for use in connection with a IRCC immigration application. IRCC will verify the report against an electronic copy from WES. Your WES ECA report will be voided and not accepted by IRCC if it is found to be altered or modified in any way.”

Today, I received the hardcopy by mail, do I need to raise a web form and re-submit it with the scanned version of the hardcopy they sent? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!


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