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Webform does not mention eligibility but Security, Criminality and Background Currently Valid / Passed

I am in the exact same situation raised a webform and I received this response;

Thank you for contacting Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

We verified the information you provided and can confirm that:

  • Your application is currently being processed at the Case Processing Centre in Ottawa, Ontario.
  • The background verifications are currently valid.
  • The security background verification is currently valid.
  • The criminal background verification is currently valid

All the required documents and information have been received by the responsible office for the moment.

I did ask about Eligibility as well in the raised webform, but it was not addressed at all. Does Security “currently valid” mean Eligibility was already passed/included in the security? Or should i raise another webform to specifically ask if the Eligibility criteria was passed.

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