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WARSAW TIMELINE-Join here !! | Canada Immigration Forum

Well I have some results to post which are relevant to anyone who is sponsoring a Russian spouse whose application was sent to Warsaw.

In short, my wife received her COPR today (Picked up her passport from the Moscow VO today).

The time line that took place for us is just that…. the time line it took for our specific case, so please keep that in mind.

I submitted my documents to Mississauga in early June of 2014 and received notice in mid July that I was accepted as a sponsor for my wife.
The application was then submitted directly to Warsaw for secondary processing in early August. I didn’t hear anything for a while until they requested a scanned copy of my wifes passport near the end of October. After this, it went quiet again until early January 2015 where they e-mailed my wife with a request for her physical passport. Given that the closest VO was Moscow, we were instructed to submit her passport there. Within 2 days she was sent an email from the visa office that her passport was ready for pick up. In her passport is the visa to land in Canada and her COPR with some instructions.

That’s all.

Total processing time (including my evaluation as a sponsor) is just over 7 months.

For the guys whose packages were sent to Moscow first and then re-directed to Warsaw, all I can say is just be patient (I know it’s easier said than done). My experience with the Warsaw office has been smooth and fairly quick and I’m ever grateful that the wait period didn’t come anywhere close to the suggest Moscow VO timeline – so just hang tight.

Good luck.


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