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Visitor Visa Before Applying for Spousal Sponsorship (Outland)

Hi Guys.

I’m a Canadian PR since July 2018 but made my permanent move Aug, 2020, and currently living in GTA (Ontario). I got married in 2019 and now my wife is in India. I wish to Sponsor my wife under Spousal Sponsorship. We have 6 years of relationsip before getting married in 2019.

Question: While I’m still collecting documents for submitting Spousal Sponsorship, can I apply for Visitor visa for my wife in the interim? What are the changes of the application getting approved, esp during Covid times. Additional info: My wife is currently working and has more than 6 years of experience in Digital Marketing field.

I’ll really appreciate if any of you have tried this approach, or not tried, and can share their experience.

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