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Using foreign PhD as work experience

You can use PhD experience as work experience.

I already contacted CIC about that and my German PhD is counted.

To others please do not deceive people, in India or Canada it could be different as people have classes and learning.

In Germany during PhD (in technical university):
-you employed as Research and Teaching Worker;
-you have no classes;
-you do not have exams;
-you do not have education progamm at all.
-research 80%, teaching 20%, classes 0%.

In contrary in my home country where many of my friends did PhD:
-they have 40% of learning classes
-then 50% of research activity
-10% of teaching.

It is very important to clear this.
In my particular case and PhD from German University can be counted. it also depend on University.

Thesis writing which you can count as learning took only last full 4 month from 4 years of PhD.

Did you had classes in Sweden?

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