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understanding GCMS notes | Canada Immigration Forum

Hi Folks,
I have a question about the GCMS notes. It has been about 5 months since my AOR (May 25th). I have ordered my first GCMS notes on August 14th and got them after a month, for the first time I have paid $5. after two months now in october I got couple of Updates (October 2nd Bck check in progress, October 7th Additional doc request (Cv/resume and Phd studies supplementary questions)) so I decided to order the GCMS notes agin 10 days ago! But this time I took the advice of some members in this forum and check the other option to order the “free” ones! Now my question is this, is there any difference between the ones that we should pay $5 with free ones? Like any more detail? Cause by the time I will get them I will pass 6months and I really want to get the same details as the one that I paid $5 for! I do not want 1 month and get something which is not useful and then pay $5 and order new one and wait one more month! as we all now $5 is nothing and one month wait is frustrating! Any thought would be appreciated.

PS. My Timeline
ITA March 27th
AOR May 25th
Medical passed June 12th and celpip request
Bck in process October 2nd and Update email
October 7th doc request (CV/Phd resume), October 8th update Email

Ecas In progress since Aug 14th

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