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Two jobs at same time. Experience confusion.

This is gonna be bit complicated.

I used to work in two companies for 4 years (2011-2015), one for 7 hours in day time & one for 8 hours in night.

In 2017, I applied for USA tourist visa and mentioned about only one company in 168 form. Till that time i had no plan for immigration to Canada or elsewhere hence didn’t think much about it.

At present, I seek immigration to Canada & this required me to mention my work experience. Now here comes the twist in tale.

The work experience of company which I mentioned in USA application (coz it was a well reputated firm) does not hold any relevance in Noc list. Whereas, the company I chose to skip (a very lesser know) in that form is the one that can help me in securing a Noc for my file. So now, can I chose to mention both in my file or should I mention only one which holds relevance as per NOC list.

Will skipping the one mentioned in USA file or adding the one not mentioned in USA file for CANADIAN PR will be considered as fudging or falsification of data by Canadian agencies, even though in reality, it is not and was a case of ignorance rather unawareness?

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