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Traveling/Flights to Canada from India during COVID 19

So basically I have been researching the option of taking Europe route through VBM and Air Canada to land in Toronto.
However, for every lead I reached to figure if transiting EU Airports on different airlines would be a possibility, I only found that it was not. And albeit, a risk adventure to take.

A known travel agent who’s also a close friend of a friend of mine, went to the extent of saying that he would not book these tickets for me on this route even if I insisted. As he has seen people returning from Frankfurt/ London. He also agreed some exceptions happened in Apr-May with the help of airline staff as mentioned by @crackMBA , but there was practically no passenger traffic then. This isn’t the case now. And so it would be very high risk to take.

Anyone who’s done bookings here for this route ? Any inputs for this idea ??

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