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temporary worker in Quebec with Closed work Permit, Target is to Get PR asap. join here

Need Help. Please share, Any thoughts will be very helpful.

At present, I am in India and was Planing on moving to Canada. I have applied for jobs and received a job offer as a software Data Engineer (NOC 2172) from a company in Montreal and they will process a closed work permit for me. For Now, My Employer applied for LMIA and CAQ.

My CRS score will be around 440 With My Current Qualification and Experience and Hopefully If I write IELTS and Get 8777.

My main target is to get the PR.


  1. Can I Apply for CSQ immediately after started working, or do I need to wait for 1 Year?

It is based on a point system which the immigration dept of Quebec says they follows. But so far no evidence of them selecting candidates based on points. Everyone thinks its based on NOC Code and Skin color & French language. Sorry to be blunt, but it seems like that so far with the new Arrima system.

  1. Still, let’s say I worked 1 year in Montreal and after that, I decide to relocate to another city outside QB, will my 12-month Canadian experience (in Montreal) be counted on the CES application? After all, I worked in Canada…

Yes it will be counted. This is your best course of action to get a fast PR. Applying thru Quebec will set you back by 2-3 years for your PR.

  1. A temporarily closed work permit applicant in Quebec applies for the Express Entry? Any Implications?

Yes your application have very high chances of being rejected.

  1. An LMIA from Quebec can be used for EE applicants to claim points?
    50 points I think. If not, why not?

No, because 50 points is for an employer in Quebec. EE applicants should state their intentions for not staying in Quebec when they apply EE from Quebec.
Claming 50 points for an LMIA from an employer in Quebec can backfire this intention for not staying in Quebec.

  1. What are the ways can I get PR quickly? Please please help.

Do not come to work in Quebec period. Apply for Express Entry to any other provinces or use any other immigration system other than Quebec.
Are you not doing your research on how messed up Quebec’s immigration is right now ?

  1. Should I even move to Quebec with this closed work permit?

NO, its from my own experience and many others in this forum. Tell your employer Quebec’s immigration system is messed up and you are not interested in working in Quebec for this reason. Trust me man, you will be a slave to your employer on closed work permit and you wont be able to change jobs not even ask for a raise. Indentured servitude.

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