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SUV Statistics | Canada Immigration Forum

Humble advice, don’t worry about statistics and just concentrate on running your startup and sending a complete application. When we all start off with the SUV process we all go through this phase of trying to find the odds of getting the SUV. It’s quite understandable, as it’s a long drawn process that can take 2 years to materialize. But I will advice, don’t worry about statistics, just concentrate on your startup and make sure your application in complete. If it’s a legitimate startup it will most likely be approved, if it’s just something cooked up for immigration purposes only then it will most likely be rejected. Timing nobody has a control over that, I have heard some ppl who got the SUV PR in 4 months and some who are still waiting for 24 months. So there is no right answer and statistics won’t do much as the dataset is so small to make any statistical analysis.


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