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Study permit rejected need suggestions ” Family ties in Canada and your home country “

My study permit was rejected with above reason.

In GCMS notes they have stated that Given family ties or economic motives to remain in Canada, the applicant’s incentives to remain in Canada may outweigh their ties to their home country. For the reason above I have refused this application.

I have mentioned that my mother has applied for PR in 2012 and got rejected. I was dependent under her file and minor at that time.

I did mentioned those home ties in my SOP :-
●The foremost one is India being a growing economy, there are plenty of opportunities for me to
seek growth in the Industrial automation, Pharmaceuticals sectors, Oil and Gas sectors.
● Secondly, my family is well-settled in India and all the immovable property of my family is
situated in India which makes my ties to my home country profound.
● Also, being an elder son and brother, I have a responsibility towards my parents as well as my
younger sister. I have to support my sister to pursue her dreams and have to take care of my
parents during their old age.
The above-mentioned reasons for my return to India show that I have no valid interest or
motive to stay for a longer duration than my education period in Canada.

Actually my uncle and aunt lives there in Canada and they are citizens but none of my parents or brother & sisters ( Blood to Blood) lives there.

How to fix this reason my next application ?

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