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study permit refuses | Canada Immigration Forum

Hlo dear
My son got a visa and study permit to persue Adv Diploma in computer App at public college in ontario. His visa and study permit expired on 31/3/2019. However his last semester is pending. He has applied for extension for study permit. unknowingly he waited the decission to be send on his email/message. After someone advise, yesterday (19/12/2019) he checked online and he found the Decision related with Refusal of his study permit without any specific reason. however that decision was posted on website on 20th may, 2019. The main part of the story is” My son over stayed in canada ( 31/3/2019 to till date). During that time he has completed his final examination of his adv diploma. I’m seriously confued, Please advise me what to do?
1. can he apply for work permit?
2. can he apply for ….IDK

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