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Hey everyone,
I landed on 7th of March. As soon as I left the airport I found out that the immigration officer did not print the paragraph stating that I “can accept employment on or off campus” on my study permit. I contacted IRCC and they said this was a mistake and I needed to return the document for amendment. I sent the study permit to Ottawa for amendment. After one and half months I received the new one. But it was too late and I missed university enrollment day and now I have to defer to September. There is a situation where my university might not accept the said deferral request.

1. As this was IRCC’s mistake and not mine, how many days after 7th of March will I become out of status? Today is April 19th, how many days do I have left?

2. I might have to change my university to a college to avoid being out of status. Can I change my university undergraduate degree course to a one-year diploma college course? (the college has DLI)

3. What other strategies to you know for my situation so that I can prevent becoming out of status?

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