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Student Permit Rejection. HELP for re-applying

Hello all,

I applied for my student permit for Canada on 7th September 2020, and received a rejection on 24th September with reason:

I am not satisfied that you’ll return to your country after the end of your stay based on:
1) your family ties in your country and Canada
2) limited employment opportunities in your home country
3) your personal assets and financial status

I am now thinking of re-applying by addressing these reasons.

My Profile:
Home country: Pakistan
Marital status: Single
Age: 24
Education: Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering (from Turkey)
Admission secured: MEng Engineering Management, University of Alberta (2 years course)
Work experience: 2 years as an R&D engineer in Turkey

I applied for the student permit from Turkey as I live here. I attached bank statements of my father and myself, stating that my father will fund my expenses. In my LOE, I mentioned my intention of returning back to Pakistan and working there, but that doesn’t seem enough to convince the Visa Officer.
To address the rejection reasons had the following things in my mind:

1) For family ties, I have an elder brother and sister, both are independent and about to get married. My father will retire in around two years and that will leave me to look after my parents. I’ll mention this in the LOE. Added to this, I plan to attach a stamped affidavit from my father where he’ll state that he guarantees that I will return to Pakistan once my studies is finished.
2) For employment opportunities, I have a conditional offer letter from a Pakistani Company which requires a masters degree for me to join them, I believe this can help convince the officer. But the offer doesnt mention that it will be valid for 2 years.
3) for personal assets, I plan to explain it through my LOE that for the two years of my work experience, all the money that I have saved is in my bank accounts since I plan to support me stay in Canada for that as well, and that is the reason I dont have any personal assets in my home country, since it is kind of impossible for me to own a property at this age with such little work experience.

I would like some advice from people who have had similar experiences.

Thank you

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