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Stuck with background verification check since 1 year — Looking for HELP!!!

Hi All, I am starting this thread here as my last resort to immense stress that I have been facing since last 1 year. I received my ITA on 2nd October 2019 and finished uploaded all documents by 18th October. I passed medical tests on 8th November 2019. Since then, now an year has passed, but i have not received any update on my application. It only says Your application is taking longer than expected. We’ll send you a message once we decide on your application. And under steps, it stays it is on Background verification right now. I understand Corona situation haas delayed processing of applications. But we have seen so many new draws happening lately and people has started flying to Canada now. I am looking for help if any one can suggest me anything about what I should do, whom should I contact. I have raised multiple IRCC web forms. First of all, each tickets takes about 2 weeks for a response. I got a response on one of the tickets, saying I should have received some email on 27th February,2020, which I have not. I checked spam, junk, trash and inbox everything. They also said, since this was not sent by regular IRCC mail, hence, message is not visible in my inbox. I am 110% sure, I have not received any email. I have been eyeing my mailbox since Nov 2019. They said they can send me back the email. When I asked them to do so, I got a response after 2 weeks that they have emailed relevant team. I have not heard back since 3 weeks now. I am so much worried.
Please HELP, if anyone can suggest me absolutely anything. I will be indebted.

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