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SPOUSAL Sponsorship PAKISTAN @ London Visa Office

Re: Spousal sponsorship for all Pakistani applicants at London Visa Office

How the spousal sponsorship works i.e. Steps

London Visa Office Processing time is 11 Months

Dear all just for the clarity i m posting the process of Family sponsorship for understanding of all of thread members.

Phase 1: Sponsor’s Approval

1. Sponsorship application submission (AT CPC-Mississauga)

2. First Email: application of sponsorship received by CPC-Mississauga (with in a week time or 10 days)

3. 2nd email: Sponsorship approval and File is sent to London Visa office for further processing (with in 1 month)
or if you are an old applicant (Islamabad Visa Office) then your file is transferred to LVO. whether you get email or not your file is in London.

Phase 2: Visa Office Stage (Principle Applicant or Spouse)

Steps: Eligibility Assessment (Relation is Genuine or not) > Re-Med if required > Back ground checks > PPR 1 > PPR2 > Visa Issued

5. Eligibility Assessment: Additional documents or Interview request from LVO to assess eligibility.(between 5-8 months is my best guess) Interview will most likely held in Islamabad but interviewer will be a person from LVO not from Islamabad (Interview is only to assess whether relationship is genuine or not).

6. background checks will be done after relationship is confirmed by Visa officer.

Passport request is Two step process as Pakistani law does not permit sending passport out of country

7. Passport request 1. PPR1 sending copies of the passport and pictures to LVO (30 days) (immediately send to LVO on given address)
after receiving your copies of passport and pictures. LVO will issue Visa and COPR issued as per your passport and send it to Islamabad

8. Passport Request 2. PPR2. Original passport and return address needs to be sent to Islamabad. (usually 30-45 days after PPR1) Send PPs through TCS visatronics

9. Visa is being pasted on Passport. VISA along with COPR is sent to your return address.

10. You are ready to land………


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