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Spousal Sponsorship (Husband) – no status

Hello everyone,

My fiancee and I are getting married Sep 15 this year.. we feel very stressed out and upset because most of the immigration advisors who we’ve talked to say that he needs to go back to his country in order for me to sponsor him. Others say he can stay and I can sponsor him even if he has no status….

The situation is:

He applied for his visitor’s visa extension and it got denied. We sent the restoration application, and we are waiting for an answer. We were planning on sending the sponsorship application as soon as we got out marriage certificate, but if the restoration is denied and he has no status at all.. can we still apply for inland sponsorship? We both want to stay together in the process… it would be very hard on us if he had to go back to wait for the application to be resolved (probably a year or more).

Please let me know if you’ve been in a similar situation and your opinion.

Thank you!

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