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Sponsorship Evaluation & Relationship Questionnaire (IMM 5532)

Thank you, KBH. I had tried the Ctrl-F search feature with “IMM 5532” which I thought was logical, but got nowhere with it. Ditto for “Sponsorship Evaluation & Relationship Questionnaire” (also logical, because that’s the name IRCC gives to the form). :mad: But as soon as I typed in “5532”, as you did (without the IMM prefix), it brought me straight to the relevant section in the guide, and as you said, they refer to the form by a different name. :rolleyes:

As it turns out, there is really no clarification about #6 (the questions I was asking about in my original post) in that section of the guide–it jumps from #5 to #7. However, you wrote “it is a requirement to submit a very thorough plan as to how and when they plan to return to Canada once PR is granted”. So now I am wondering how they can submit a “thorough plan” at this stage if they want to proceed with the sponsorship application. Do you think it would be sufficient for the sponsor to say something like “as my graduation approaches, I will be sending my resum√© to various potential employers in Canada such as Company ABC in Toronto, Company XYZ in Halifax”—or is that too vague? Does IRCC expect sponsors to produce written copies of actual job offers? (that is unlikely to happen before graduation). Also, will emphasizing the sponsor’s strong family connections in Canada be helpful? I didn’t mention it before, but they do have a young child, and perhaps stressing the desire to live closer to the child’s grandparents would be a good idea? Sorry for these additional questions, but any further guidance will be appreciated.

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