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Sponsoring husband from Morocco | Canada Immigration Forum

Dear Essouira,
So nice to hear from you. Don’t worry about your English. It is much much better than my Arabic. lol
You are from Essouira? We visited there last January. Lovely! You will love Vancouver, as you will have the sea near you. We lived in British Columbia near Vancouver for 5 years and loved it. Now I don’t know what to tell you about our situation. My daughter met my new son-in-law on the internet. We went to Morocco in late December and stayed for close to a month there. What wonderful people we met! We were accepted into our new son’s family, and AFTER A LOT OF WORK!!!!! they were married. As you read, they started the papers at the end of February. I think it is going well, although of course we would like it to go faster. The paperwork went quite quickly this side. My new son got a letter as you did, saying that they were starting the paperwork in Rabat. His were started April 2nd. If you look on the Canadian Immigration website, it tells you how long it usually takes. The shortest time is 3 months, the longest 7 months. If you have had your medical, and police check, and all papers are in order, it will help move things along faster. I read that if the husband and wife live separately, they want to try to get them together as soon as they can. I know you must be very lonely without your wife. Just take one week at a time. As I tell my son-in-law, you know you will be be together. You just have to be patient. There is nothing you can do about it, so just be thankful for email, Messenger, and telephone. It would be nice to hear how things are going for you, so if you want to email me, let me know and I will send you my email address.


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