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Sponsoring a Conjugal Partner | Canada Immigration Forum

Thank you for your answer.

My son was born in Peru so the Family law of Peru apply. The Canadian law can`t do anything about it and I already contacted the International Child Abduction organisation ( aka The Hague convention ) and they cant do nothing about it as my Son was born in Peru and they have no saying on how they judge and run Family Law.

But that’s another subject that I’m not here to discuss.

As stated before, I’m still waiting for a ruling in the Child alimony, Right of Visitation and Divorce ( Which will go one after the other in that order per Peru’s law.)

So I cant pay Child Alimony as there is no ruling yet.

I want my current Girlfriend to become a Permanent resident and further down the line a Citizen but I cant Sponsor her as my Conjugal Partner as it state that we need to live together for 12 months consecutively.

My question is, Can I Sponsor her for a 12 Months visit so we can live together for 12 months then proceed and apply for a Sponsorship for Conjugal partner ?

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