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Hey everyone!

I recently came back to Australia in December after around 20 months in Calgary.
I knew I wanted to go back but currently don’t qualify under any of the skilled worker programs etc as I’ve only worked as a salesman in car sales in the last 5 years as well as in hospitality in Calgary.

I’m 26, 27 in a few months, and have recently started my own business in February of this year. I’m the sole owner/operator of the business and it’s doing far better than I could have ever imagined but I feel like it’s going to harshly delay my dream of moving back to Calgary.

I’m reaching out as I’m sure since my business is so new (less than a year) and with most of the self employed streams needing more experience I’m assuming I won’t qualify down this path either.

Would it be better for me to just study alongside my business?

Any advice is much appreciated, thank you!


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