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SINP SK Oasis Part 2 missing and erroneous Screens


I am a UK citizen applying to the International Skilled Work: Employment Offer subcategory through the Saskatchewan Oasis application form ( I have a valid job offer, and have all the required provincial and federal forms printed, filled in, signed, and scanned back in ready to upload. I have gotten as far as Part 2 of the application process but run into some problems.

I am unable to find where to upload two of the required files:

  • Schedule 4: Economic Classes – Provincial Nominee
  • Supplementary Information – Your Travels

Unfortunately I cannot find anyway to add these screens to the Part 2 application to upload these files. I have seen some guides saying these screens should automatically appear however this has not happened for me. This part of the application clearly states I am applying with an “Application – With an Employment Offer” but no options are given to add these required screens.

How do I add the two screens listed above?

Another issue I have is that I accidentally added a screen that requires me to upload the “IMM 0008DEP – Additional Dependants/Declaration” form. I do not have any dependants and I now cannot delete this screen from the application. I have seen some people suggest uploading a file simply stating that this screen was added in error and confirming I have no dependants, however I wanted confirmation from others that this is the right thing to do.

Do I just upload a “blank” document to this additional dependents step or should I restart the whole application?

I would greatly appreciate any help and advice that can be provided.


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