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SINP October 2019 Express Entry ITA Please Join Here

ITA received 17th OCT NOC Code: 2171 SINP EE, Total points 68

I would like to clarify below points:

· What is the maximum time to submit online application? Is there any chance to extend the submission date?

· Regarding POF amount it is available in my savings bank account however its been less than 90 days since the amount is deposited. Is it acceptable if the application is submitted before completing 90 days?

· I claimed points for 10 years of work experience however while calculating exact number of years/months the total experience is rounding off to 9.6 yrs. Is it possible that after receiving invitation I can modify EOI and claim points for next threshold i.e. 8 yrs?

I would greatly appreciate your quick response.

Thanking you in anticipation,


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