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SINP Application: Help on NOC

Hi all,

I just got an invitation to apply SINP under EE. The NOC that I indicated in my EOI is 2171. My Express Entry Profile says 2171 as well.

I have not submitted my application to SINP yet as I have a dilemma. I’ve been doing 2171 duties (analyst) along with 0213 (manager) tasks in my current role. I’ve been with my company for 15 years old and most of the things I do now are under 0213 (though I still do 2171 stuff).

I looked at the NOC description for 2171 and it says the below.



Employment requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer systems engineering, software engineering, business administration or a related discipline or Completion of a college program in computer science is usually required.
  • Experience as a computer programmer is usually required.

I do not have a degree in computer science (my degree is in Business Economics) and my title has “Manager” in it.

Now I am confused…

1) should I decline the invitation to apply, edit my EE profile and just open a new application this time with a 0213 NOC? Or should I still pursue this application with NOC 2171 even if majority of the work I am doing now is under 0213?
2) What is the impact if someone declines the ITA? Does that lessen your chance to get an ITA again?
3) If I edit my Express Entry Profile NOC to 0213 then apply to SINP with a 0213 NOC l knowing that what I put in my EOI is 2171, will I encounter issues later on?

Please advise.

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