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SINP 2020 Express Entry ITA Please Join Here


I have recently got sinp invitation under NOC 1311 and my score including close relative in Sask was 82 ( 62 is mine) . But when i fulled all conditions to apply like police report , funds , experience certficates etc my relative told me that there is application submitted for his brother also under sinp but its is under process and its mentioned in sinp website that one house hold can support one application. in that case please clarify to me my options and how i can proceed because points without relative were 62 and cut off of sinp was 69.

Cna my application will pass through because my consultant telling me if my cas eis strong with less verifucation issues my application can be selected . is it right how immigration process will work in this case. please clarify . My relative is husband of my sister in law

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