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>>>>>>>SEPTEMBER 2020 AOR

Starting a new thread for all those who have received their AoR in September 2020, or anticipate filing their application in September 2020. Please join here, post your timeline, share your progress and ask any questions that you may have.

Sharing some useful info here:

• 6 months processing time

IRCC states that most applications are processed within 6 months or less. The 6 months processing time starts when your application meets the completeness check and NOT from the AoR date. The completeness check is the first stage of the application processing, and usually happens around when your medicals are passed. To know the exact date of the completeness check (R10), you will need to see your GCMS notes.

• Tracking your application

Unfortunately the only thing that you see is your MyCIC account are:

a. Review of eligibility – Will continue to be in progress until you receive the COPR
b. Review of medical results – Will change to the date when the Medicals are passed, usually 20-45 days post AOR.
c. Review of additional documents – Will show “We do not need additional documents,” unless you receive any documents request and submit documents, when it will change.
d. Interview – For most this is remain as “[Y]ou do not need an interview. We will send you a message if this changes”
e. Biometrics – Will change when you are requested for biometrics and later when you have submitted the biometrics
f. Background check – Will change twice for most applicants. First it will change in the initial few weeks, and then go back to not applicable and later in the processing again change to, “we are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information.” This happens because criminality and security are both a part of BGC, and when these checks happen, the status changes. It will continue to be in progress the second time until you receive the COPR.
g. Final decision – This will remain the same until you receive the COPR.

There has been a growing trend of speculation where change of status on MyCIC has been attributed to eligibility being passed, etc. The whole NA, IP IP2 is speculation and has no bearing on determining which stage your application is at. While any change of status is a good sign, but merely relying on NA and IP is not the correct way.

Most applicants will find it irrelevant, as their applications will be processed and approved within the first 3-4 months. It is those who wait for more than 4 months, where things go crazy as they keep relying on NA, IP etc, and see no movement or progress. Many other are stuck on so called IP2, and the PPR never seems to come.

So put these speculative theories to rest. As per the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, regulations and the ministeral instructions every application goes through the following stages:

R10 (Completeness check)
A11.2 Eligibility (The most important stage)

What you need to know about coronavirus and your application? (valid As of the date of posting this)

1. Will there be processing delays for applications currently being processed?
All applications currently in progress at IRCC offices abroad, at case processing centres and within the Domestic Network will continue to be processed but may experience delays.” While it is evident that many IRCC offices are still closed, however, as Canadian provinces start reopening, so will the IRCC offices. List of all IRCC offices and their current status is available here.

2. I have received an additional document request, but I cannot procure the documents as the government office, or my employer’s office is closed?
IRCC is continuing to process permanent residency and citizenship applications. When additional documentation is required to make a decision on the application, processing officers have been instructed to send a request letter and allow 90 days for the applicant to respond.

3. I was sent an additional document request, but I was unable to provide it within 30 days, will my application be refused?
No, your application will not be refused. If a request for additional documentation was previously sent but the applicant was unable to comply, within the stipulated timeframe, the processing officers are required to bring forward the application and allow an additional 90 days for the applicant to respond.

4. I have received Biometrics Instructions Letter (BIL), but all IRCC offices in Canada or in my country are closed, and I am unlikely to comply with the 30 days time frame to provide the biometrics.
IRCC has informed that the biometric instruction letter (BIL) cannot be amended and IRCC will continue to advise applicants that they have 30 days from the date of the letter to give their biometrics. However, in the most recent program delivered update IRCC has informed that if the site closest to you is closed, IRCC will automatically extend your biometrics deadline to give your biometrics. You do not have to give your biometrics until the sites reopen. This applies to you, even if your biometrics instruction letter (BIL) says you have 30 or 90 days.

Also, you don’t have to contact IRCC for this extension, and you don’t need a new BIL to make another appointment when sites reopen. You can bring your original BIL to your new appointment to show proof of payment, even if time frame mentioned on BIL is expired. To keep updated on the most recent updates in BIL see here.

5. I received the ITA, and I have to submit my application in the next few days, but I am unable to obtain a document due to service disruption resulting from coronavirus. What should I do?
If you have received the ITA, you have to submit your application before the stipulated time (i.e. within 60 days). However, some applicants have reported that this time frame has increased by an additional 30 days. IRCC offices have been instructed that if a new application is missing supporting documentation (associated fees are required and cannot be exempt or deferred), the applicant should include an explanation (Letter of explanation – LoE) with their application that they are affected by the service disruptions as a result of the novel coronavirus. The application may then be promoted and reviewed in 90 days. If the application is still incomplete in 60 days, officers should request the missing documents with an additional 90-day deadline. These missing documents will not result in the refusal of an application for R10 or being incomplete.

• How to send a Case Specific Enquiry / Webform –

During the processing fo your application you may need to update your application and send additional documents. You can send updates and documents by webform (CSE) using the link –

When IRCC asks for any additional documents, and there is no upload slot in your MyCIC account, you will then once again have to send those documents via CSE using the link above.

You can also use this link to enquire about the status of your application if it exceeds 6 months.

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