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Self Employed Application & Type 1 Diabetes

Medical inadmissibility has nothing to do with “the ever changing policies under the Business Immigration”, but be that as it may the only possible grounds for medical inadmissibility in your case is Excessive Demand, which is defined as follows:
Excessive demand on health or social services
We may refuse your application if we believe that your health condition might cause an excessive demand on health or social services. This decision is based on the results of your immigration medical exam.
Your condition is considered to cause an excessive demand if:

  • the health or social services needed to treat your health condition would negatively affect wait times for services in Canada, or
  • the services needed to treat and manage your health condition would likely cost more than the excessive demand cost threshold

Excessive demand cost threshold
2019 cost threshold (under the temporary public policy)
$102,585 over 5 years (or $20,517 per year)
Calculation of the excessive demand cost threshold

This is an amount that we use to decide if the cost of your condition places an excessive demand on Canada’s health and social services.
In June 2018, the Government of Canada announced changes to the excessive demand policy. Under the new policy, the cost threshold amount is increased. The new amount is now three times the Canadian average cost for health and social services. We’ll update this amount every year, based on the latest Canadian average.

What is the cost of your daughter’s medications and/or equipment such as continuous glucose monitor.? And keep in mind that this calculation will be based on the most expensive option available. So, in order to force a realistic assessment of the costs of treatment, you should include a summary of your current costs and, if you find that costs may reach or exceed the excessive demand threshold, you should also create a mitigation plan.

Mitigation plan
If we believe your health condition might cause excessive demand on Canada’s health or social services, we may invite you to send us a mitigation plan. You’ll only be invited to do this if it applies to your specific situation.

Learn how to prepare a mitigation plan for excessive demand.


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