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Self-Employed Application 2020 | Canada Immigration Forum

I would like to share with you the admitted number under Economic – Federal Business class in 2018, and the target admittance in 2020-22 as announced by IRCC for your information.

The quota for Business class is the least among all immigration categories, so if you haven’t yet submitted your application, you may wish to reconsider or discuss the possibility of applying through another stream with your consultant/ lawyer… but if you have, best of luck. :)

Table 3: Permanent Residents Admitted in 2018 by Destination and Immigration Category

Immigration Category: Economic NL PE NS NB QC ON MB SK AB BC YT NT NU Not Stated Total
Federal economic – BusinessFootnote36 2 23 6 15 0 310 14 8 49 325 5 0 757

Footnote 36: Includes admissions in the Self-Employed Persons Program, Start-up Visa Program and Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Program.

Summary of adjustments to levels targets in 2020 and 2021

Immigrant Category 2020 2021 2022
Economic Target Low Range High Range Target Low Range High Range Target Low Range High Range
Federal BusinessFootnote2 750 500 1,400 750 500 1,500 750 500 1,500

Footnote 2: Includes the Start-up Visa Program and the Self-employed Program.

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