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Self-Employed Application 2018 | Canada Immigration Forum

could u please explain how to fill out the schedule6A form, i mean starting the 11th part personal net worth statement

It’s basically requesting for details of your financial assets, savings and liabilities i.e. credit card debt, mortgages, etc.

11A – all your savings and current account numbers and the current amount you have in them and any fixed deposit accounts you have.
11B – any property you have or inherited
11C – stocks and any other personal investments like bonds, etc
11D – do you have a business that’s related to the stream you’re applying under? If so, provide these details as well.
11E – pensions and any other assets you have that don’t fall under A – D
11F & G – liabilities (debt) – CC, loans, etc

If any section doesn’t apply to you, just put NA. Don’t forget to include 11J, which is an explanation for how you accumulated all the money/assets in 11A – E. Hope this helps.

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