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Schengen Visa rejection | Canada Immigration Forum

1. Yes and provide explanation as to why your tourist visa application was rejected.
2, No. You didn’t apply for a permanent residence (from the info you provided).

Thanks for your help. The questions are a little confusing that’s why I’m trying to check before Applying.
– Has XXXX ever been refused a visa or permit, denied entry or ordered to leave Canada or any other country?
– Has XXXX been refused refugee status, or an immigrant or permanent resident visa (including a Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ) or application to the Provincial nominee Program) or visitor or temporary resident visa, to Canada or any other country?

I asked around and some say to answer both Yes and some recommended the same as you did.

1 – would it bring trouble to answer both yes??
2 – I have the rejection documents and those are in French, do you think I should translate them if I plan to send them?
3 – Some proposed filling Schedule A form upfront. Do you think it is necessary?


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