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RNIP – Job Offer received – Please connect here – December 2019

Hello Team,

I have received a offer letter through RNIP and secured a job as well. I am filling up the forms and have certain questions.
Would like to discuss the same with some one who has secured a job and applying through RNIP.

Request you to please message me and we can discuss further.


Hi Shekhar,

May I know what you meant by “receiving an offer letter through RNIP”? As far as I am aware, you get a job offer letter from an employer within a community and you apply for a community recommendation after that. Do you mean you have a recommendation letter from one of the communities?

As of today, Sault-Ste Marie, Altona, and Brandon are the only communities accepting applications for the community recommendation process.

I work and live in Sudbury, but unfortunately, they haven’t started receiving applications yet. Update on their website still states “Check back in December.”

My current job is permanent full-time and falls under NOC group 22 and skill type B. After converting my IELTS score to CLB, it’s slightly better than CLB 10; however, the program requires only CLB 4, 5, and 6 for NOC C/D, NOC B, NOC A respectively. I am also a graduate of a program(relevant to my job) from a publicly-funded college in the area, so I am exempt from the work experience requirements.

The only problem the communities would be facing right now is a huge influx of applications from international students who are now eligible for this program with any job offer and no relevant experience due to the exemption. I guess it will be hard for them to pick prospective candidates from thousands of applications once they open the portal.

I wish they could release very specific criteria for the community to avoid getting confounded by a plethora of applications from candidates who they don’t want to recommend in the first place.

We will have to wait and see how this program works. Also, I am wondering how long it would take for IRCC to process applications under this stream. Will it be 6 months just like Express Entry and AIPP? It’s going to be interesting.


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