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Request for more evidence of cohabitation

Hi guys,

I’m 96% through my inland common-law PR sponsorship and I received a request for more evidence of cohabitation for 1 year before applying.
I originally supplied a copy of our signed joint rental agreement beginning a year and seven months before sending the application, along with a joint rental insurance policy beginning the same day.

I also included both of our payslips from multiple jobs with address, internet/power bills in her name with address, bank statements showing money going from my account to hers for paying rent and a random other assortment of letters and stuff with our address.

I am looking for additional stuff to send but my email automatically deletes older messages and we’ve since moved to the other side of the country so we don’t have a bunch of old bills and envelopes laying around from that time. All I can find is a more comprehensive copy of our insurance policy. The deadline is in 4 days and I’m kinda freaking out so does anyone know what I can do?

I really thought I had supplied enough proof.

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