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Receiving COPR for CEC Inland Application While being Outside Canada

Hello Everyone,

I received the ITA on June 10, 2020 under CEC
Submitted my application and received the AOR on June 11, 2020 with the medical exam upfront
Received the BIL on July 27, 2020

Right now I’m like everyone stuck at giving my Biometrics. My situation is I may have to travel soon within a month. However my current PGWP has expired (Already applied for BOWP and application is still in process so I have an implied status) and my TRV has expired too and I can’t renew it without getting the new work permit first. So right now if I leave Canada, I won’t be able to come back.

I checked that a VAC is open where I’m travelling to. So I can make an appointment there and submit my biometrics.

The thing I’m worried about is let’s say they processed my application after receiving the biometrics and everything went well. My understanding is that IRCC will ask me to send my passport and will mail back the COPR and the PR visa to me. In this case, Can I just mail my passport to the Canadian embassy or to a VAC where I am and they will issue me the COPR and the PR visa?

Should I send them a message through the web form when I’m outside Canada and they will adjust accordingly?

Any guidance is appreciated.

Thank you

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