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Quite Worried: Spent 1040 Days Outside of Canada and Trying to Renew PR Card

Greetings to Everyone,
I am quite worried. I became a landed immigrant/permanent resident on August 17, 2015. Since then I was in and out of Canada for my employment responsibilities in my home country prior to fully moving to Canada on June 15, 2018.

I’m trying to apply to get a new PR card sent to me by mail and in filling out the form, my calculations showed that I had been out of the Canadian territory for 1040 days.

I have so far done at least 826 days within Canada from June 15, 2018 to present but I don’t know if immigration will consider those dates while renewing my application. Does the fact I have already spent 1040 days outside of Canada reduce my chances of renewing my PR card? Would I be able to apply for citizenship once I get to do 1095


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