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Questions While Creating EE Profile

Hello there,

I just started the process of creating my EE profile (FINALLY) and not sure how should I answer some of the questions:

In the Study & Languages Section,

It says:We will assess XXX’s secondary and post-secondary periods of study for eligibility for Express Entry, and use them to calculate XXX’s score. You can tell us about each period of study by filling in the fields below.

So my question is, I did my Masters in Canada (highest level of education), and did my BA and high school back in my home country. Do I need to enter my high school and BA record? Or ONLY my Masters Degree which was obtained in Canada would be enough?

Another question I have is that, when I fill out my IELTS result, it asked me “Date of test results?”. The help tips IRCC gave me was “What date did you receive your result?”

I received my result on March 18, 2016 (the date my result became available online and I picked it up in person the same day). However, on my IELTS report, there’s a date showing March 16, 2016. So for my EE profile, do i put March 18 or March 16? I know this probably doesnt matter too much but I just want to make sure I dont make any errors…thanks.


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