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Question to Champion Member, VIP Member, Star Member and all – Please help

Hi –

I have received ITA and i really help and advice from the experts on the dilemma i am in, regarding POF.

I work in bank, where I have a personal loan (for purchasing a car) and installment is deducted in monthly basis and the same is reflected in account statement. My salary account is also with this bank, obviously.

To meet my POF requirement, 10 months back, i have made a Fixed Deposit of required amount with other bank (just because the rate of interest is higher).

My questions are –

a) My plan is to provide the FD statement and certificate from other bank, which will cover the POF. I am also planning to cover the balance confirmation certificate issued from my employer bank, which will only contain the ending balance on a given date. I am also planning to provide last credit card statements of three credit cards showing nill balance. Is that okay? Do i need to provide anything more or less?

b) Do i need to provide the account statement of my employer bank? PS. I will provide pay slip for my current job separately, which does not capture the loan installment deduction? Please note, if i provide statement, installment deduction will be shown on statement. Will that create questions and confusions.

I would really appreciate your advice on this issue please.

CRS – 457


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