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Query on change of address in PR application

Dear All,

Have a query regarding informing CIC of change of address of sibling who is a citizen of Canada….

I submitted my application for PR via express entry on Oct 1, 2017.

As my sibling is a citizen of Canada i was asked to provide documents to prove sibling relationship, proof of PR/Citizenship of sibling and proof of residency in Canada of sibling.

I provided my siblings Canadian passport details, utility bills and birth certificate.

At the time, my sibling was in the process of moving homes but had not started receiving bills at his new address.

So i provided the utility bill for proof of residence of his old home. He still owns the home but has since moved out and it is now is on rent. I asked him if his bills to his old home were still addressed to him. He said they are now addressed to the renter.

He has now started receiving bills at his new address which he also owns.

My query or dilemma is whether I inform CIC of his change of address to prove residency. If i don’t does it count as misrepresentation as i just submitted my application at the beginning of this month.

He still owns the old home. So is it necessary for me to inform CIC at the moment or should I wait for a few months or not inform them at all.

If i do need to inform CIC what is the process for it…Do i fill out the IRCC form and make a CSE?

I was reading through the instructions on the CIC website and it says that I cant add any additional documents now since I have submitted my application. If they need any additional docs or have any queries they will send me a message.

I am a little concerned as we have worked hard on our application and don’t want anything to go awry due to silly mistakes or misrepresentation. As it is the processing will take more time due to deferred medical on account of my pregnancy.

Has anyone else faced such a problem?

Advice would be much appreciated.


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