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Quebec Resdency: Outland Spousal Sponsorship

As Canadian sponsoring my wife while living with her overseas, I understand that I will need to send the CSQ (Kit A) after we receive confirmation from IRCC by mailing in our Outland Spousal Sponsorship package.

However, as the Canadian sponsor do I also need to have Quebec residency / and or any French language comprehension in order to sponsor and allow for us to move from overseas to Montreal together? I am under the impression that we can find an apartment after arriving in Montreal (it will be the first time for us both to land in Quebec).

#6 on this checklist is making me just want to double check with you all to make sure, I hope I don’t have this checklist mixed up for non-Quebec resident Canadian spousal sponsorship applicants…

Thanks in advance, appreciate all of the help and guidance here.
Best regards


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