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QUEBEC Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2019

This is so wrong, you cannot apply to Quebec until after you get the letter from IRCC asking you to continue with the provincial process, which comes after the Sponsor Approval stage, DO NOT SEND your Quebec application yet, this is done at a later stage.
First, you apply for Federal Government, you get AOR in 2-3 months and then a few months later you get Sponsor Approval (SA), but having experienced the Spousal Sponsorship Process, the SA letter does not usually include any mention of the provincial requirements, so you have to wait for an additional letter where they clearly state the provincial requirement, it is this second SA letter that you should attach to the Quebec application.

I am no expert but I recently applied for my wife and this is what I did (she got her CSQ!), the only difference is that to sponsor parents or grandparents you have to demonstrate financial capacity to Quebec

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