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Hi, all

Starting this thread to track Applications for 2020 – Quebec OUTLAND Spouse Sponsorship

My application is still in early stages. They received it on the 04th of February but I still haven’t gotten the AOR.

I am not sure if there is an Excel spreadsheet out there exclusively for QUEBEC Outland Spousal Sponsorship, but while there isn’t one, I thought it would be a good idea of sharing our timelines here.

Can you please share the dates below?

1- AS (Application submitted)
2- AR (Application received – as per confirmation of delivery from mail or courrier service)
3- AOR1 (Acknowledgement of receipt of you application)
4- SA (Sponsorship Approval)
5- Biometrics requested
6- Biometrics Given
7- Transferred to VO (Application has been transferred to PA’s Visa Office)
8- CSQ Application sent
9- CSQ Application received (as per confirmation of delivery from mail or courrier service)
10 – … to be added as it moves

Please feel free to suggest changes on the items above. Since I am a newbie here, all inputs will be more than welcome.
I believe that 2020 applicants have not reached step 7 yet. But I put 7, 8 and 9 as encouragement :p
Anyways… Good luck everyone.


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